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Franklin Mayor Eugene Foulcard Responds to Wednesday’s Acts of Gun Violence

After a series of two shooting events in his city on Wednesday evening, Franklin Mayor Eugene Foulcard has released a statement condemning the acts of violence. While there were no injuries reported as a result of the incidents which occurred just minutes apart on Iberia Street, projectiles entered two vehicles and a residence.

In the statement, Foulcard said, โ€œUnfortunately those that have a total disregard of life are once again in focus as acts of hatred continue to consume their lives. Many will try to blame lack of recreation programming, although we have more programming than ever, but never once focus on parenting. Many will try to even blame the police but never the family members and those that remain silent within their neighborhoods. Until our community stands up to these senseless acts of gun violence that we see happening across our country will we continue to see these acts from time to time. It may be New Iberia one day, Baton Rouge and New Orleans the next and so on but until OUR community stands up and does the right thing we will remain on this cycle we see every day across our country. We continually blame the system when it starts with mothers, grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers. Uncles, aunts, cousins and family friends also bear responsibility. We need for the change to begin in the pews of our churches and in each hallway of our school system. We need those that are “tired” to speak up. We need those that are “concerned” to speak up. We need those that want to “talk” after the fact to stand up now before another life is lost to death or life in prison. It’s easy to do a balloon release or create another t-shirt. It’s also easy to pass blame. The cries of “not my baby” happen on both sides of innocence and guilt. Come together and help heal our city of those that hold senseless gun violence and a lifestyle that is even above YOU!

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING, DO SOMETHING! If you remain silent today you will have to answer for your silence — one day.โ€

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