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Bayou Horseshoe Pitchers Association Summer League 2023 – Week 6 Standings and Highlights

In the Bayou Horseshoe Pitchers Association Summer League, Week 6 saw a fierce competition among the participating teams. The current standings place Double Ringers in first place with 36.5 wins and 17.5 losses, followed by Half & Half in second place with 32 wins and 22 losses. The third position is held by team 75/25, with a win-loss record of 29.5 – 24.5.

The Top 3 players in high scratch point average for the 30-foot category are Tim Gilmore (81.4), Burnie Williams (74), and Clay Canty (68.1). Gilmore also leads the high individual ringer percentage with 57.1%, trailed by Williams at 49.2% and Canty at 45.7%.

In the 40-foot category, Dale Pearce leads the high scratch point average with a score of 54.7, followed by Glenn Caillouet (46.8) and Tim Hayles (45.7). Pearce also holds first place in high individual ringer percentage at 33.3%, Caillouet comes in second with 25.3%, and Hayles in third with 23.3%.

Gilmore dominated numerous categories including high scratch game (30-foot) with a score of 91, most ringers in one night (72), most ringers in one game (29), and most points in one night (248). Other notable achievements include Matthew Strickland’s impressive won/loss record of 5-1 and Mary Guzdial’s outstanding high game over average for women at 19.9.

Team highlights include Half & Half scoring the most points in one night at an astounding total of 575, while both Double Ringers and Half & Half combined to create a record of the most ringers in one night for a team at 141.

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