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Bayou Horseshoe Pitchers Association Celebrates Summer League Champion Team Ring A Roos in 2023 Finale

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The Bayou Horseshoe Pitchers Association has wrapped up their 2023 Summer League, with the final champion team being Ring A Roos, under the leadership of Team Captain Warren Raymond. Other key members of the team include Tim Gilmore, Glenn Caillouet, and Calvin Johnson. The season concluded with an impressive win/loss record for Ring A Roos at 71.0 – 37.0, followed closely by Double Ringers (64.0 – 44.0), Half & Half (63.0 – 45.0), Wknd @ Burnies (61.5 – 46.5), and 75/25 (52.5 – 46.5).

Notable individual achievements were made by players throughout the Summer League, including high scratch point averages for Tim Gilmore (83.7), Burnie Williams (76.0), and Clay Canty (69.1) at the 30-foot range. In individual ringer percentages from the same distance, Gilmore led with 62.2, followed by Williams at 51.4 and Canty at 46.7.

At 40-foot distances, Dale Pearce secured the high scratch point average with a score of 50.9, outdoing Tim Hayles (49.9) and Glenn Caillouet (46.6). In contrast, high individual ringer percentages from this distance featured Pearce on top at 32.0, Hayles trailing at 28.2, and Caillouet following with a solid score of 25.0.

Leading high scratch game performances at the shorter distance were courtesy of Gilmore scoring 111 points, Williams earning 95 points, and Canty closing in with a score of 85. Similarly, in the 40-foot range, Pearce posted a high scratch game of 77 points, outpacing Hayles with his score of 76 and Jim Guzdial’s impressive output of 61 points.

Exceptional achievements continued throughout the season, with Tim Gilmore securing the most ringers in both one night (85) and one game (36). Julius Lovell achieved 24 wins and only 9 losses to come in second behind Gilmore in the best won/loss record, followed by Williams (20.5 – 9.5), Hayles (18.0 – 9.0), and J. Guzdial (12.0 – 6.0).

Worthy team accomplishments during the league include Wknd @ Burnies amassing the most points in one night at 652 and most ringers in another night at 179, while Double Ringers gathered an impressive 162 ringers on a single evening.

Finally, Dale Pearce excelled in men’s high game over the league average with a substantial lead at 29.7 points above average. In women’s competition, Mary Guzdial outperformed her peers in her category, achieving an admirable high game that surpassed the league average by 19.9 points.

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