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Escaped Inmate and Accomplices Captured in Morgan City

On February 9, 2022, Morgan City Police Department Detectives received information of an escaped inmate in the Morgan City area. Investigators contacted the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office, who advised that Gregory Williams had escaped from a facility in their area. Webster Parish further identified several potential associates of Williams, including Josie Matherne.

Through further investigation, detectives identified Malia Williams as a second potential associate of Gregory Williams. At approximately 11:10 am, Officers and Detectives of the Morgan City Police Department then proceeded to Malia Williams’ residence on Railroad Ave. where Gregory Williams was located and taken into custody without incident.

Also at the residence was Josie Matherne and Malia Williams. Through further investigation Morgan City Police Department Detectives uncovered evidence indicating Matherne and Malia Williams aided and abetted Gregory Williams in eluding capture.

Josie Matherne and Malia Williams were then arrested on charges of Accessory after the Fact to Simple Escape. Gregory Williams was booked as a fugitive on a warrant from Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office for simple escape.

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