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Troop C to Launch Safety Campaign on Illegal Window Tint and License Plate Covers

by KQKI News Staff
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Gray – Louisiana State Police Troop C is launching an enforcement campaign targeting illegal dark window tint and license plate coverings on vehicles to ensure compliance with state regulations and enhance public safety. Concerns about the dangers of excessively darkened windows, which impair visibility for drivers, pedestrians, and law enforcement officers, prompt this initiative. Additionally, in hit-and-run incidents, obscured license plates hinder vehicle identification, complicating investigations and delaying justice for victims.

“Maintaining proper visibility on the roadways is paramount,” emphasized Captain Kevin Resweber, Commander of Louisiana State Police Troop C. “Dark window tints can significantly reduce a driver’s ability to see clearly, especially at night or in adverse weather conditions. This not only endangers the driver and passengers but also poses a serious threat to pedestrians and other motorists.” Captain Resweber also highlighted how illegal window tint can hinder law enforcement officers’ ability to conduct traffic stops safely: “When officers are unable to see inside a vehicle due to excessively dark window tint, it creates a potential officer safety concern. Traffic stops are a critical aspect of ensuring public safety, and obstructed visibility increases the risk for both officers and motorists.” Moreover, Captain Resweber noted that dark window tint and license plate covers can greatly impede the ability of witnesses in hit-and-run incidents to identify the vehicle and responsible driver. “In cases where a vehicle with illegal tint and license plate covers are involved, these obstructions make it extremely challenging for witnesses to accurately identify the driver or obtain crucial vehicle identifying information.”

Louisiana law LA RS 32:361.1 mandates specific light transmission requirements for window tint: Front side windows must have a light transmission of at least 40%, side windows behind the driver at least 25%, and rearmost windows at least 12%. Window tint on the top portion of the windshield is permissible if it doesn’t extend more than five inches down. A front windshield cannot be fully tinted. Troopers will also enforce laws against illegal license plate covers, per Louisiana law LA RS 32:53, which mandates that license plates must be visible from any angle, free of any covering or substance obscuring numbers, characters, registration stickers, or state information.

Louisiana State Police Troop C urges all motorists to familiarize themselves with these regulations prior to this campaign to avoid penalties and, most importantly, to enhance safety for everyone on the road. During the enforcement campaign, Troopers will be actively patrolling roadways to identify vehicles with illegal window tint and license plate coverings.

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