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Narcotics Investigation Leads to One Arrest by Chitimacha Tribal Police

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On July 8, 2022, Jason Magee, 43 years of age, Pequot Drive, Charenton, was arrested for the following tribal charges: unlawful production, distribution, intent to distribute, sale, possession, or use of drugs and neglect of children. He was transported to St Mary Parish jail.

Chitimacha Tribal Police Department Officers executed a search warrant at a tribal residence during a narcotics investigation. Upon the execution of the search warrant, it led to illegal narcotics and drug paraphernalia being located within the residence. Located along with drug paraphernalia was:

Methamphetamines 4.6 grams
Adderall Pills (8.1 grams)

Chitimacha Tribal Police Department has an active and ongoing investigation and more charges may follow.

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