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Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Issues Statement On Behalf of Stay-At-Home Order

With the Governor’s stay-at-home order going into place at 5:30 p.m. Monday, I wish to thank all of our citizens who have cooperated so far with the life-saving instructions we have been given as we continue through this challenge.

Be assured that we are not expecting to be citing many people or locking them up because of these restrictions, because I believe the people of Terrebonne, for the most part, will follow the instructions and guidelines. To know more about those go to where you will find information and links to more information.

It is a sad truth, however, that some people can’t follow simple rules. Those who do not cooperate after being informed by a deputy that they are in violation of current orders may find themselves cited or arrested. Our deputies have a great deal of discretion they can use, but I don’t recommend that their patience be tried. There is a range of laws on the books in Louisiana that can be used if someone pushes things to that point. The more we all cooperate with the rules we have been given, the sooner we can see our way through this threat. Please remember to keep yourself and others safe by keeping a distance no matter what work or activities you engage in.
God bless you all and thank you for the privilege and honor of serving you. Working together I know we will all come through this newest challenge.
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