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St. Mary Water and Sewer Commission No. 1 Reporting Higher Than Normal Salt Levels in Amelia and Siracusaville Area Water

Statement from St. Mary Parish Water and Sewer Commission No. 1: “The St. Mary Parish Water and Sewer Commission No. 1 water treatment plant is experiencing higher than normal levels of chlorides or salt in Bayou Boeuf which is the water source for the treatment plant.  The system provides potable water for the Amelia and Siracusaville areas.

These elevated salt levels are a result of strong south winds caused by hurricane Laura.  Salt concentration in drinking water does not pose bacteriological issues; however customers who are on a salt restricted diet may want to consider these higher than normal salt levels when planning their daily sodium consumption.  

The water being provided customers meets all primary drinking water standards as mandated in the Safe Drinking Water Act.  We anticipate levels to recede to more normal salt levels in a few days, and will notify our customers through media outlets when normal levels are realized.

Please call our office with any questions or concerns at 985-631-2907.”

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