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St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office Announces New Body Cameras for Officers

Sheriff Blaise announces the acquisition of body-worn cameras for the uniformed patrol division of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The SMPSO now has the Axon Body 3 cameras. The Axon Body 3 is a rugged communications beacon featuring enhanced low-light performance, reduced motion blur, and other capabilities.

Public support for police body cameras is at its highest in the United States. A 2016 Cato/YouGov national survey found that 92 percent of Americans support requiring police officers to wear body cameras that record video of their interactions.

Smith directed the order of the body cams and writing of SMPSO policy. The deputies are now being trained during shift change for the new technology and being outfitted with the cameras. He says that it is a decision that is “long overdue” for St. Mary Parish. Smith said, “I believe that there is a need for body-worn cameras in this day in age. I feel that they protect the public as well as the officers. There is no reason not to have them and they can be a valuable tool in making justice prevail.”

According to Smith, body-worn cameras have been on his wish list for quite a while but was an expenditure that had to wait. However, it is an expense that the SMPSO is now able to handle.

“Managing the finances of the agency better has put us in the position of being able to acquire equipment like this that has been badly needed.”, Smith said.


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