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St Mary Parish Sheriff Smith Sending Four Officers To Lake Charles to Assist With Law Enforcement

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Sheriff Blaise Smith is sending four deputies to the Lake Charles area to assist local law enforcement in that area to help those who have been affected by Hurricane Laura.
Sheriff's Offices throughout the state are rotating deputies to the area during this time after the hurricane. The deputies will be used to secure areas, homes, and businesses as well as getting resources to those in need and other responsibilities as needed.
Sheriff Smith led the deputies in a time of prayer and gave them some words of instruction and encouragement.
"You guys just do what you do so well here, and come back safely."
The deputies who volunteered to answer the Sheriff's call to go to Lake Charles are Deputy Dylan Toups, Sgt. Chad Wilson, Lt. 1st Class Dustin Kennedy, and Captain Jeremy Greene.
The cadets in the St. Mary Parish Regional Training Academy helped to load up supplies and wished the deputies their best as they headed out today for a week in Lake Charles.

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