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St. Mary Parish Sheriff Blaise Smith Announces the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Plan for the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center

Following the directive set forth from Secretary James M. Leblanc of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections, Sheriff Blaise Smith is announcing that the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center will be adhering to the plan that will be put into place starting today, March 13, 2020, in all state prisons.
To ensure we are protecting staff and our prison population at the L.E.C., we are adopting the following measures:
1. Effective immediately, all visiting is suspended at the L.E.C. We will review the decision on visitation restriction every 30 days until the threat subsides.
2. We are working with our phone and tablet providers to expand access to telephone services to ensure you have continued connection to family and friends during this time.
3. Effectively Friday, March 13, 2020, we are discontinuing off-site non-emergent (non-life threatening) trips.
Please understand that none of these decisions have been made lightly or in haste. Similar to nursing homes, our operations are extremely vulnerable to contagious illnesses and we are taking steps to keep our staff and prisoner population protected.

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