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St. Mary Parish Schools Announces Principal Appointments for 2020 – 2021 School Year

Statement from St. Mary Parish Schools:
Principal Appointments for the 2020-2021 School Year A series of principal appointments were publicly reported by the St. Mary Parish School system today as the district begins the process of installing new leadership for the 2020-2021 school year. An early summer administrative selection also offers the benefit of allowing principals ample time to prepare the school for student arrival and to meet with teachers and parents. Aside from the typical retirements or resignations that are anticipated annually, this year’s principal vacancies also include permanently naming those who have been serving in the position in an acting capacity.
Two high schools will see new principals in the fall of 2020 including Morgan City High and West St. Mary High. Both openings will be filled through the voluntary transfer of currently employed principals. Mr. Tim Hymel will transfer from Berwick Jr. High School to Morgan City High School, and Mr. Donald Sanders will transfer from Raintree Elementary to West St. Mary High School. The requested transfers will allow both men to return to schools where they previously taught and in the case of Mr. Hymel, where he served as an assistant principal. The two newly installed high school principals also have a vested commitment to their schools, which will be of significant advantage as they lead high schools that serve as the center of various academic, athletic, and civic activities.
Several elementary schools will also have new principals greeting students as they arrive in August although one will be a very familiar face as Ms. Tammilee Kelly will remain at Wyandotte Elementary after serving as acting principal this school year. A former assistant principal of Centerville High School, Ms. Kelly has been a positive addition to Wyandotte and has worked to build parental involvement that is especially important in successfully educating young children. Additionally, the resignation of Lagrange Elementary principal Ms. Kristian Barbay has led to the appointment of the school’s curriculum facilitator, Ms. Heidi Mouton as principal. Finally, the transfer of Mr. Donald Sanders opened the way for Ms. Tonya Hills to move into the principal position at Raintree Elementary. Ms. Hills formerly served as an assistant principal at the school and most recently as assistant principal of Hattie Watts Elementary.
Berwick Jr. High School acting principal, Ms. Kristin Percle will likewise remain at the school on a permanent basis having served as the school’s acting leader throughout the 2019-2020 school year. The continuation of Ms. Percle’s administrative role at BJHS provides the school with a consistent vision and academic focus as a new school year begins.
With an early summer announcement each newly appointed administrator intends to host meetings with teachers, parents, and community leaders as they formulate detailed plans and recruit personnel for the upcoming year. Appointments will become official based on the district’s administrative calendar for the position and may be adjusted due to the unique circumstances of any given school.

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