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St. Mary Parish School System Releases Information Regarding School Year Closing Activities

School system personnel have developed plans for completing the school year and finalizing student grades in response to the governor’s extension of school closures. Throughout the remainder of the school year, students will continue to complete instructional programs corresponding to their grade level and course requirements in order to receive credit and meet promotion guidelines. Traditionally, students were required to attain four quality points as measured by report card grades, in order to meet promotional standards. Unfortunately, the extended closure of schools will prevent students from receiving direct classroom instruction for the final nine weeks grading period and quality points will be adjusted accordingly. Course passage or promotional guidance will instead be dictated by the attainment of three quality points as opposed to the standard four quality points in order to account for school closures.

Parents and students have received instructional packets or assigned high school course recovery programming that will be used to gauge passage of a given class or for grade promotion. A May 8th deadline has been set for the submission of instructional packets in order to provide adequate time for teacher feedback and supplemental instruction that will support students in meeting the adjusted passing standards. Schools will be contacting parents and students to make specific arrangements for instructional packet turn- in times and teachers will be continuing their communication efforts to answer questions and support students in the process.

Additionally, schools may set parent conferences via teleconferencing or phone calls to discuss promotional considerations as the year draws to a close. The school system is also working to build summer learning opportunities for students utilizing resources already available including AR360, Edgenuity, and Clever. As more information is released regarding any adjustments to the “stay-at-home” order, schools will be announcing schedules for parents and students to retrieve personal items from classrooms and lockers as well.

Several area high schools have held senior spotlight nights to recognize the Class of 2020 and preparations for formal graduation ceremonies remain ongoing as the district awaits announcements on phase one of the state’s re-opening of public areas. Although setting dates for graduation ceremonies may be tentative, the district anticipates being able to offer more details very soon.

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