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St. Mary Parish is Going on a Bear Hunt!

As families in St. Mary Parish and beyond are looking for ways to occupy themselves during the Coronavirus outbreak, one local Facebook group is promoting the idea of “bear hunting”. And no harm is being inflicted upon the real live black bears that also call St. Mary Parish home.
The Facebook group, “St. Mary Parish is Going on a Bear Hunt”, encourages families to put a stuffed bear or other stuffed animal in the window of their home. You can then take your children for a ride “to go bear hunting”! “St. Mary Parish is Going on a Bear Hunt” Facebook group founder, Kimberly Romero, said she started the group after taking her kids on a “bear hunt”. After not seeing many bears out, her daughter, Annabelle, asked her to form a Facebook group to bring the community together during this time of “staying-at-home”.
Romero said she originally saw that it was a popular idea in Lafayette and only a few in the local area were participating, so she started the Facebook group. Romero said she and her children went “bear hunting” again on Wednesday and saw a lot of bears. She said she is excited to see the community coming together in such a fun way.
You may join the “St. Mary Parish is Going on a Bear Hunt” Facebook group by clicking on this link. You are also invited to share photos from your family’s bear hunting expedition in the group.

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