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St. Mary Parish Deputy Performs The Heimlich Maneuver and Saves A Life

According to the St. Mary Parish Office’s Facebook Page, the SMPSO received a call from a citizen telling them about the actions of an off-duty deputy this weekend.
The caller advised he was eating at a local restaurant when he started choking on a piece of food that was lodged in his throat. He began to panic as his windpipe was blocked and he couldn’t get a breath or swallow. He was choking and was mere moments away from passing out.
The off-duty deputy, Dylan Toups, was also at the restaurant when he saw a man struggling to breathe. Deputy Toups then responded quickly to the situation.
Deputy Toups performed the Heimlich Maneuver on the choking man, dislodging the food quickly.
According to Sheriff Smith, the caller stated he was deeply grateful for his quick and decisive action.
Sheriff Blaise Smith said that deputies from the last two Academy classes have recently used first aid techniques with citizens in need with significant results.
“Our academy is good at preparing our deputies for many types of emergency scenarios. We are proud of Deputy Toups’ response in this situation and we are thankful that all is well.”

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