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St. Mary Parish Coroner Working with Local Nursing Homes to Minimize Exposure to COVID-19

Statement from St. Mary Parish Coroner, Dr. Eric Melancon

“We were notified of a patient who was COVID 19 positive at Legacy of Franklin. Currently 24 out of 31 nursing facilities in Region 3 has had to deal with outbreaks. The usual source is transmission from staff to patient. Since notification of the first case, we have been working on this issue to identify the source and reenforce infection control measures that were already in place at the facility. Dr. Melancon has coordinated the efforts of the nursing home with both hospital’s CEOs, medical directors and the department of health director, Dr. Riggins. Every concern has been addressed and every issue has a plan approved by Dr. Riggins and is congruent with the current CDC guidelines. We will continue to be diligent in our efforts to help contain and prevent the spread of COVID 19 in the nursing homes as well as the community. We ask everyone to continue to do their part and practice social contact isolation as well as social distancing if it is absolutely necessary for you to get out. Thanks and God Bless.”

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