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St. Mary Parish Coroner: 28 COVID-Related Deaths in August

St. Mary Parish Coroner Dr. Eric Melancon said that as of Friday, there have been 28 COVID-related deaths in August.  As a comparison, he said there were 32 COVID-related deaths in the first 7 months of this year. He added the hospitals are maxed out and resources are exhausted.

Melancon said that one person who died received their first vaccination the day prior to the onset of symptoms, therefore the vaccine had not yet taken affect. He said the second person had been fully vaccinated. However, they had an extensive medical history including kidney failure, diabetes and hypertension.

Melancon said Friday afternoon, “Please beg people to put their politics, computer chips and FDA approvals aside and protect themselves”, by getting vaccinated and staying home while they are sick. This Delta variant is no joke and people need to quit making excuses or risk death”. He did tell KQKI News that the vaccination rates are increasing in St. Mary Parish.


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