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St. Mary Outreach Addresses Rumors Circulating in Community

Statement from Brenda Liner, Executive Director of St Mary Outreach:
I am writing this in an effort to control the rumors concerning St Mary Outreach. St. Mary Outreach is not distributing commodities as we would for the aftermath of a hurricane. We have not been given additional resources or funding, therefore this pandemic is in no way like a hurricane distribution. We are not a government agency and our resources are limited. With that said, we will be here to service our area to the capacity that we are able to do so.
The clothing room is closed until further notice.
We are only accepting non-perishable food items, hygiene and monetary donations until further notice.
Also, we are not taking rent and utility applications at this time.
Our focus is on safety of our employees and providing the assistance that we are able to provide. Our lobby will only be open to one person at a time. We ask that everyone be patient, be kind and respectful. At any time, if the situation gets out of hand we are prepared to close the doors until the situation can be controlled. We are having to make what we have on hand stretch, therefore you may not receive what you have in the past and I can tell you it will not be enough to last 2 weeks. We do not have the funds to make that possible.
I have not heard from DCFS (food stamps) at this time but I recommend to those that feel they need additional assistance and have NOT applied for food stamps already to go online to and apply for D-Snap in the event disaster food stamps are approved. We do not have the applications, you must go online.
Due to the volume of calls we are experiencing, it would be better to reach us online at our Facebook page St. Mary Outreach/United Way. We are all experiencing this situation and the uncertainty of it together. Please be patient.  Do not listen to rumors!! Check our Facebook page for up to date information.

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