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SMPSO Training Section has increased training opportunities

The SMPSO Training Section has increased training opportunities at the request and approval of Sheriff Blaise Smith.

Over the past few months, training opportunities have covered a wide spectrum of training types from suicide intervention and cultural sensitivity/bias policing to tactical training/advanced firearm training. Additional opportunities are on the calendar for the upcoming weeks and months as the SMPSO continues to see an emphasis on more quality training events.

On November 2nd, 2020, The St. Mary Parish Training Section hosted an Advanced Combat Pistol Course at the John I. Kahl Training Center.

The purpose of the training was to further enhance law enforcement proficiency with a handgun in the event of the weapon system being used to protect the citizens and law enforcement within our communities.

The course tests each officer on various mental and physical skill sets, followed by a vigorous qualification course in less than ideal conditions.

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