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Sheriff Smith Announces Veillion Now Certified Master Trainer of Canines



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Lt. Chris Veillion recently completed a 24-week Master Trainer program at U.S. K9. During his training, he trained several police K9s from start to finish. Although the training was specialized with Police K9s, Lt. Veillion also learned to train Pet and Service dogs as well.
This certification is a huge step forward in Sheriff Smith’s plans for the SMPSO K9 Division. Having a Master Trainer of Canines at the SMPSO brings several benefits to our agency and our Parish.
– Allows the SMPSO to have a higher level of K9 training capabilities on a regular basis
– Having a certified Master Trainer on board will save thousands of dollars on training, handler’s courses, and K9s by doing all this in-house.
-Other agencies can benefit by having access to a Master Trainer here in our parish.
-This allows us to have an open pathway to start new programs that Sheriff Smith has wanted to begin.

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