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Morgan City Police Warning Residents of Another Phone Scam

The Morgan City Police Department recently was made aware of another phone scam. The caller betrayed himself as an agent with the US Marshall Service, advising their banking information was compromised. The caller directed the citizen to move money from their bank account to a prepaid/loadable credit card. The caller then requests the cardholder to send the prepaid card information of the account number and security code either by sending a photograph of the card or a text containing this information.

The Morgan City Police Department would like to remind everyone to be vigilant and safeguard your personal, identifying information such as your bank account, credit card, social security number, and email.

With technology today, scammers can use the internet to make phone calls that appear they are calling from a local phone number. They also use cloned cell phone numbers from your local area to make you believe it is a person with a local cell phone number calling you.

Chief James F. Blair would like to remind citizens that no government agency (local, state, or federal) would call requesting your personal information or demand money. These scams change daily by scammers. They range from unsolicited mail, phone calls, and emails. Don’t be a victim! If you are unsure, please call the Morgan City Police Department or your local law enforcement agency.

Stay Safe!

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