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KQKI is proud to partner with the Bayou Teche Music Series

KQKI is proud to partner with the Bayou Teche Music Series this Saturday morning at 10 am!
The Bayou Teche Music Series is a Music and Arts concept created by Ed “Tiger” Verdin and Johnny Chauvin in an effort to promote and create an outlet for local musicians and artists with a major focus on Cultural Preservation through Cajun/Creole/Indigenous/Folk music and art while exploring Folklore & Oral Histories of the Bayou Teche.
Looking to create this ongoing family-friendly series in Franklin they also focus on music education by pulling together self taught musicians of all ages and genres together with more seasoned/trained musicians to create a jambalaya of musical sounds. This jambalaya will be on display with about 15+ musicians in the premier of the Bayou Teche Music Series on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 10a.m. in Historic Downtown Franklin. Although venues for the music series will more than likely be in various places across Franklin the inaugural performance will take place near the soon to open Lamp Lighter Coffee Shop during the Bayou to Main Marketplace in the Old Center Theater lot.

KQKI is a media sponsor of this event and will broadcast the music live on 95.3 FM and via live video on the KQKI Digital Video Network at www.KQKI.live, the KQKI Facebook page, YouTube channel and also available on Roku and Amazon FireTV.
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