Berwick High School Announces New Head Volleyball Coach

Berwick High School is excited to announce Mrs. Lianne Albert-Seumanu as Head Volleyball Coach. She is a BHS alum, having graduated in 2004; she also was a part of the 2003 3A softball championship team. Coach Albert-Seumanu played softball at Louisiana Tech and is currently an assistant softball coach at Berwick High. Tryouts, summer workouts, and practices will be announced as soon as we work out a schedule that is compliant with state guidelines.

Coach Albert-Seumanu states, “I’m humbled for this opportunity to be back and coaching volleyball at Berwick High School. I’m most excited to embrace the new normal (whatever that may be) and to get to work with these student-athletes. It’s truly an honor to be back at Berwick High coaching a sport I love at a school and community that gave so much to me.”

“Most people know me as a softball player, but many don’t realize the first sport I loved was actually volleyball. Growing up, my family played a lot of volleyball together, so my playing experience started in the front yard setting for my parents, my older brothers and their friends at a young age.”

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