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Army Corps to start closing bays at Bonnet Carré Spillway

NEW ORLEANS Based on the reduced flows in the Mississippi River at Red River Landing, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District began the closing process at Bonnet Carré Spillway today, April 13.
The Army Corps will continue to assess conditions of the Mississippi River and perform closure operations as the river flow rates continue to fall.
COVID-19: In accordance with the state and federal guidelines in response to COVID-19 the Bonnet Carre Spillway is not open to the public.
The Spillway’s 15 operation began April 3. At the Mississippi River’s peak flow 90 bays were open on the structure with a discharge of 80,000 cubic feet per second being diverted through the spillway. The Bonnet Carré Spillway is designed to ensure that a maximum river flow of 1.25 million cubic feet per second is passed through the Mississippi River and Tributaries system at New Orleans.
Although water levels are receding, allowing the Army Corps to begin structure’s closure, the Mississippi River in the New Orleans District’s area of responsibility remains elevated. Army Corps personnel will continue flood fight inspections alongside local levee districts and all levee and excavation restrictions remain in effect.

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